About Saturday Vintage

Our team is in the estate sale business because we have a true passion for it--in fact, we love everything about it: organizing, researching, merchandising, pricing, marketing, and ultimately connecting with people. It is hard but exciting work!  Shannon grew up going to Saturday yard sales with her mom, Penny (who is a living encyclopedia of all things vintage and antique!).  Estate sales were always Shannon's favorite.  The thrill of finding something special, seeing beautiful old homes, and peering into another world or time never lost its luster. 

After a successful publishing career, Shannon decided to parlay her skills into managing estate sales full-time.  Her extensive background in sales, marketing, and product management is fundamental to the success of our events and a positive experience for customers who attend. Penny brings a wealth of knowledge, including art history and design expertise, to the business. Shannon and Penny also sell their own vintage collections on Etsy and eBay, where they have regularly earned top seller status.